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The formation of Whittaker Hall Limited at Black Lane Works in Radcliffe to manufacture and service line shaft drives and clutches for the booming textile industry.


Development of low pressure rotary vane compressors up to 2,000-scfm, centrifugal blowers and vacuum pumps.


Whittaker Hall obtained a manufacturing licence to manufacture new ‘oil injected’ rotary vane compressors designed by Major P.C. Bird. This new design giving greatly improved volumetric efficiency.


Whittaker Hall added new oil injected compressor models to their range giving outputs from 250 to 600 scfm.


Whittaker Hall took over Burtonwood Engineering and added more models to the compressor range from 9 scfm. This extended range now also included reciprocating (piston) compressors.


The Fluidair trademark was registered.

Between 1969 and 1977 more new models from 50 to 150 scfm where introduced to the product range giving the customer greater choice.


Whittaker Hall taken over by IMI (Imperial Metal Industries) to form IMI Fluidair Ltd.

This year also saw the introduction of the first rotary vane compressor models fitted with integral after cooling.


With the acquisition by IMI, Fluidair saw an increase in production that doubled in just a few years due to increased sales outlets both in the UK and worldwide.


Fluidair introduced the patented ‘Rotastar’ energy saving system to give the customer unparalleled levels of savings. This , although now superseded, can still be found in very many Fluidair compressors that are still in use today.


A management buyout concluded on the 5th February 1992 and saw the formation of Fluidair Compressors Ltd. Later that year the company was accredited with the BS5750 quality standard.


Building on the success of the then current ROTAPAK compressor range, Fluidair launched new FRX models that utilise rotary screw technology.


Further development, especially in energy efficiency, saw Fluidair introduce the new RS and later the RST compressors to the product portfolio.


With new technological advances, Fluidair is still helping to save its customers money with the introduction of the VS range of variable speed compressors from 11 kw to 250kw. These are multiple compressors in one package, varying their output (and power consumption) according to actual demand and giving significant energy cost savings over fixed speed alternatives, reducing the cost of ownership to the customer as well as their carbon footprint.


Fluidair joins and is incorporated into the Thames Facilities Group of companies, giving customers access to other group resources and facilities.

Fluidair Ltd is a member of the
TFG Group of companies

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